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RUMOR: Metroid Prime 4 and Namco

A picture circling the Internet and various news websites have brought to light a potential lead designer for Metroid Prime 4.  The gentleman’s profile on the job and social media site LinkedIn paints him as a Lead Designer for Bandai Namco Singapore.  The profile lists games such as Ace Combat VR, Ridge Racer, and an exclusive unannounced Nintendo IP for the Switch of the First-Person Shooter/Adventure genre.  Of course, this could be any unannounced game in that genre, and while this is strictly a rumor; however, if the rumor mill is grinding any truth, then the grains could slowly be coming together.



We previously reported the first rumor that Bandai Namco was behind the game back in November when reddit user DasVergeBen made a huge post with a large amount of rumors.  DasVergeBen has been credited with some successful leaks (whether from actual sources or lucky guesses….well that’s to be seen).  That being the case, the latest find only adds a bit of fuel to the Bandai Namco rumors.


While the term “unannounced Nintendo IP” and “First-Person/Adventure” are of interest as Metroid Prime fits that category in general, other terms, not shown in the originally found picture, within the profile experience at BNS such as the below add to that fan rumor fuel.  We managed to find the profile in question and found the extra information pictured below:





“System Design – Designed combat encounters, puzzles, environmental hazards, car suspensions, acceleration balances, weapon balances, and spawn placements for multiple titles.”

Many of these could be interpreted across many games, puzzles, environmental hazards, and weapon balance being the ones that stick out most.


“UI Design – Oversaw UI design for transition between original platforms to new modern trends.”

While my initial thought is that this likely correlates with transitioning Ace Combat into the VR setting, it could also indicate adapting the UI for the Metroid Prime series from motion capabilities of the Wiimote to the Switch controls.


“Concept Design – Created many design concepts in order to meet Nintendo’s exacting requirements.”

If this was a new IP, design concepts wouldn’t be a huge deal.  Yes, Big N would have a lot to say; however, Nintendo is very stringent when it comes to their existing IP’s and this could easily come inline with the Metroid franchise.



“Writing – Wrote ingame lore entries, plot structures, backstories, dialogues, and announcer barks.”

This is what stands out the most and maybe that’s because the word “lore” is not a term that is normally used when discussing a games back story and history in general.  While fans of a series would consider information like this lore, to utilize the actual term is very Metroid Prime in it’s terminology.


Of course, this is ALL speculation and rumor.  None of this is confirmed or should be taken as gospel.  As a little bonus trivia bit, while perusing the BNS employee list that I could find, I came across another employee who back in 2004-2006 worked for Silver Ant Sdn Bhd where she was a Metroid Prime Hunters environments, lightning, and texturing for in-game cinematics.  While far enough back to not really be fuel for the rumor as video game staff are constantly jumping between companies, it’s great to see another BNS employee with some MP experience.



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